The purpose of this assignment is to conduct an organizational needs assessment.

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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See the attached documents
Attached are the article’s sources for the concept map and 3-4 page paper.
I have written within the questions below what the practice problem is and answered the questions that are then used for the paper and concept map.
The purpose of this assignment is to conduct an organizational needs assessment.
Title Page
a. Title of the paper
b. Student name
c. University name
d. Course number and course name
e. Session month and year
2. Introduction
a. Start your introduction with a powerful purpose statement or two to stimulate interest.
b. Introduce the practice problem or need.
c. Provide a preview of what the paper will include with a strong thesis sentence.
3. Identification of the Practice Problem or Need
a. Describe the practice problem or need. The practice problem is “idle” vascular access devices (Iv’s, ML’s, CVC’s) catheters remaining in situ in adult patients in the ICU.
b. Discuss how the practice problem or need was determined. The infection rate of catheter related blood stream infections remains above projected SIR despite other actions to decrease, as an example dressing adherence, and daily line surveillance.
c. Briefly summarize the evidence in the literature which is focused on the practice problem and builds a compelling case for the practice problem. using in-text citations/ and references, to support the need for change.
Attached are the articles that focuses on the problem
d. A minimum of 3 current (within 5 years) research articles from peer-reviewed journals are required. Non-research data can also be added to the 3 articles to support the compelling nature of the practice problem. (Examples of sources of Non-research data are the CDC, state or county Health Department, Kaiser Family Foundation, AHRQ.)
e. Describe the source of the evidence or data at the practicum site to support the need for change at the practicum site. This may be the infection rate, (The infection rate for CRBSI’s is 1.1 SIR and projected rate was 0.47 SIR. The data also shows on average 2-3 peripheral devices are in situ with a patient with a central access. The evidence is a daily device tracker from the EMR and a monthly tracker for NHSN of infection rates.
4. Identification of Stakeholders (Stakeholders have some form of stake or interest in the project outcomes.)
a. Identify (state explicitly) key stakeholders who will support the change. The stakeholders is the CNO, ICU Director, shift clinical managers, ICU educators, Infection Control, and Quality.
b. Identify (state explicitly) key stakeholders who may resist the change. Some bedside nurse in ICU and providers, possibly patients
c. Identify (state explicitly) stakeholders who will have the most influence on positive or negative changes related to your identified problem. Positive influences will be the unit director and educator, the infection control nurse, and quality.
5. Gap Analysis Table
a. Complete the gap analysis table, which can be downloaded at the following link:
a. Link (Word) Attached is the gap analysis template.
b. Include the table in your paper. Review the following instructions on how to copy a table in Word:
a. Link (webpage): Move or Copy a Table (Links to an external site.)
c. Answer all of the questions completely and separately. Do not combine answers.
i. What is currently happening at the practicum site? The ICU nurses are not assessing the need to remove idle vascular access devices on each shift.
ii. What should be happening at the practicum site based on current evidence? Idle vascular access devices should be removed.
iii. What is your practice gap? (state what is currently happening and state what should be happening). Currently, the ICU nurses are leaving in idle catheters, not in use and they should be assessing every shift and removing all ide vascular access devices.
iv. Why is there a practice gap? Cultural practice of leaving just in case needed or concern of having to place a device in an emergent situation.
v. What factors are contributing to the practice gap? Cultural, time constraints, lack of knowledge of best and safe practices.
vi. What evidence do you have to demonstrate there is a practice gap? National standards of practice from Infusion Nurses Society, SHEA, published literature,
6. Conclusion
a. Write one concise paragraph, providing a clear and logical summation of the paper.
b. Summarize the main points from the needs assessment section above. (New information should not be included in the conclusion)
7. APA Standards and References
a. Use appropriate Level I headers.
b. Create the reference page with a minimum of three current (within 5 yrs) peer-reviewed journal articles.
c. References and citations are in the current APA 7th edition style.
d. Each reference has a matching citation.

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