The two centos virtual machines are configured to run in “host only” mode.

Posted: November 8th, 2022

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Lab Description: You are contracted by a company to perform a security assessment of their network. Your first task is to conduct a vulnerability scan of the company’s FTP server as they believe the newly configured server, and more specifically the FTP service, may have a vulnerability. The company has provided you with a CentOS system (Scan Host) with NMAP installed, and the CentOS server (FTP Server) in question. You will need to scan the FTP Server, test, and remediate any vulnerabilities, and document all of your steps and findings.
Lab Environment: The lab environment consists of two virtual machines, which can be imported into most virtualization platforms (e.g., VirtualBox, Workstation Player, and Parallels). The two files are in open virtual appliance (OVA) format, which is widely supported. The two CentOS virtual machines are configured to run in “Host Only” mode. This will allow the VMs to communicate only to each other and not the internet or the host computer in which you are running the virtual software. Both VMs are pre-configured with Admin and User accounts (account details found in Step 1). To complete this lab, you will need to follow the directions in each step, answer any questions, and provide an After-Action Report (AAR) of your findings.

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