Theme Section Write-up Submission type: Word document The theme section write-up

Posted: December 10th, 2022

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Theme Section Write-up
Submission type: Word document
The theme section write-up must be between 4-5 pages, double spaced with 1″ margins, and in Times New Roman 12 pt font. The theme-section write up, or what is usually referred to as the results section in qualitative articles, should be informed by your thematic analysis of the two assigned transcripts, incorporate all feedback you’ve received on the prior assignments, and be based on the research question, which is “What are the characteristics of public health doctoral student experiences with COVID-19?”

Below is the outline of the information that should be included in your final paper. Please use the headers bolded below.
• Analysis: Clearly and concisely describe the process of using thematic content analysis – from coding to themes (1 paragraph). Describe the steps that were taken. Be sure to discuss how the themes were created from the codes and how they are related to the research question was used in this analysis. You may find it useful to review the Patton reading or the Tolley reading when you prepare your paragraph on the analysis process. (Patton, 2015, Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods, Chapter 8, pp., 541-559.
• Results: Present your findings in a very clear and organized way. Identify two themes and provide explicit descriptions of these themes. Each theme should be introduced, supported with evidence (include at least a couple of cited quotes), and include a final summary statement that summarizes your theme and transitions to the next theme. Quotes from interviews should be appropriately formatted and incorporated into the text. Each cited quotation should be appropriately introduced, cited (i.e., recording number and date of interview), and followed by an analytical sentence that provides synthesis of information regarding each quote. It should be clear to the reader where the information is coming from.
Example paper (see module):
**Please note that this example paper is from a previous class that uses different transcripts related to a different topic. This included example is provided only to demonstrate how to present your themes. It does not reflect all of the paper requirements listed above.**

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