Then, you can decide if you want to setup the excel to solve the transportation model or install logware in your pc to solve it for you.

Posted: November 12th, 2022

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The objective of the project is to practice your business thinking, writing, and communication skills. A written report is required for the following project from the textbook: Southern Brewery Southern.pdf. Please submit your final report into the “Assignments” on CANVAS before the due date. The project report carries 10% of the grade.
Final report should be between 10 to 20 pages, double spaced and typed in font Times New Roman, size 12. Please number the pages in the final report. The final report should have an Executive Summary (called Abstract in the academic circles), a Table of Contents and a List of References. The final report should answer the questions listed at the end of the case. Late submission will NOT be accepted. “Copy and Paste” will NOT be tolerated and you will receive zero if you do so. You may complete the project all by yourself or find 1-2 classmates to work on the report together. The purpose of this case study is to provide students with the opportunities to design a distribution network where plant location is an issue. The students first need to identify the major costs and alternatives that are important to such a problem. Second, the students should apply the transportation method of linear programming (refer to the PPT file in Transportation Model the to assist in the analysis of alternatives using either TRANLP module in LOGWARE (attached in the LOGWARE.ZIP) or Excel (attached in the Transportation Model . Finally, the students should consider factors other than those in the analysis that might alter the course of their recommendations. Please make sure to answer the three questions listed at the end of the case in your project report.
I would suggest you first go over the PPT file and watch the embedded video in the Transportation Model Then, you can decide if you want to setup the Excel to solve the transportation model or Install LOGWARE in your PC to solve it for you. If you want to use LOGWARE , please review the LOGWARE manual in the zip file regarding the TRANLP module first. Related files:
Transportation Model
Here are the milepost due dates:
11/13/2022: Submit a brief description of your plan to tackle the three questions at the end of the case project. Also, indicate if you will be working in a group and who are the members.
12/4/2022: Submit an Excel or Logware output with the minimum distribution cost without the new brewery. 12/18/2022: Submit the final project write-up.

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