This assignment requires the student to demonstrate mastery of the scholarly lit

Posted: December 8th, 2022

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This assignment requires the student to demonstrate mastery of the scholarly literature related to an issue of human development. Each student will select one human developmental issue and one or more of the developmental theories presented in this course. The paper assignment requires the student to demonstrate the ability to critically analyze the utility of selected theoretical concepts, including traditional and culturally centered theoretical frameworks, to a common problem or protective factor during a specific developmental period for a specific population/sub-group. Students are required to examine critically current and provocative literature in ways that reflect multiple and perhaps conflicting perspectives.
Strategies for Selecting Your Research Paper
Step 1: Choose a topic related to a developmental issue (overprotective parenting, aging, resilience, or female development and sexual relationships, as you see in the three samples)
Step 2: Decide which developmental stage you want to include for determining the impact (Ex: the impact of helicopter parenting on later adolescence development)
Step 3: Review the psychosocial developmental tasks for the developmental stage(s) you chose and pick one or two developmental tasks to address-this begins to form your title: Example: The impact of overprotective parenting on autonomy in later adolescence (See Sample 1)
Step 4: Begin searching for the literature to create your thesis statement and use the outline below to compose your term paper.
Remember: The goal of the term paper is to explore through the literature on the IMPACT of X on Y. X can be a positive or negative issue (Ex: early childhood abuse or early engagement of kids in sports).
Select one human development issue. This issue may have been covered in the course textbook, lectures, and other materials, or an issue of interest to you that you have identified based on personal interests or exposure in other courses.
Select at least one developmental theory presented in the course textbook/materials.
Write a 4.5-5 -page paper single space (also include title and reference pages) with the following sections:
Introduction – This section opens the paper and uses the course textbook and peer-reviewed articles to briefly frame the developmental issue for the reader (i.e., it provides an overview of the paper’s goals). The Introduction should end with a strong thesis statement that provides the purpose of the paper (i.e., “The purpose of this paper is to…”) (approximately 1-2 pages)
Background – This section provides detailed literature review and information on the selected topic. Consider the following: Who is impacted by the developmental issue? What does this issue look like over the course of the lifespan? What are the implications of this developmental issue on the biological, psychological, and social functioning of persons affected? Use course textbook/materials and peer-reviewed articles to support your narrative. (approximately 1.5 pages)
Theoretical Framework(s) – This section provides a detailed description of the developmental issue across one or more of Erikson’s developmental stages using the theoretical framework(s) you selected. In other words, describe the developmental issue as it pertains to at least one developmental stage using the concepts and principles of the theory/theories you selected. Use course textbook/materials and peer-reviewed articles to support your narrative.
(approximately 1.5 pages)
d. Critical Analysis – This section provides a detailed analysis of the theoretical framework(s) in terms of their ability to explain the developmental issue. In other words, how well does this framework(s) explain the issue? (Fully? Partially?
Not at all?) How well does it describe what is happening in the developmental stage(s) you selected? (Fully? Partially? Not at all?) Are there populations for which this theory is of better utility? Are there theories that better explain this issue? Use course textbook/materials and peer- reviewed articles to support your narrative.
(approximately 0.5-1 pages)
e. Conclusion – This section wraps up the paper and provides some recommendations for practice and future research on the issue. (approximately 0.5 page)
Note: In addition to what you see in the term paper samples, please consider writing on a specific African-descent population (where it might be appropriate). For example–elderly African Americans or African-descent adolescent girls

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