This discussion question utilizes information gathered through your required sup

Posted: January 17th, 2023

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This discussion question utilizes information gathered through your required supervised ministry experience. All supervised ministry hours should be recorded within the Lopes Activity Tracker on your student portal.
Consider discussing the following with your ministry supervisor and incorporate in your response any practical insights you gleaned from his or her verbal feedback.
Even ministry leaders who seek to rest in God’s grace as they appropriately engage in the spiritual growth process can still struggle at times with self-reliance and function more on their works rather than God’s work. Why is it important for believers to find practical ways to reorient themselves to a posture of spiritual dependence upon God versus self-reliance? How can ministry leaders practically engage in this regular reorientation themselves? Discussion Question 1
From your own experience, how would you describe what a proper motivator for personal devotion is? What are improper motivators for devotion? How can a person discern and evaluate his or her motivations? Discussion Question 2
In your family of origin, describe the impact that culture had on your parent’s behavior. Compare those cultural influences to contemporary issues affecting parenting. Why is it essential for mental health workers to be able to identify cultural influences on parenting? How can mental health workers become aware of client cultural experiences? Discussion QUESTION 3 Describe three unique challenges parents face today that parents did not deal with historically. Explain how mental health workers should prepare to assist parents with these contemporary issues from a mental health perspective. Recommend resources that address the three unique challenges you described. You may refer to the Topic 4 Resources. Discussion QUESTION 4

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