This essay should discuss the merits of Holocaust Education in the Medical School curriculum

Posted: July 20th, 2022

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This essay should discuss the merits of Holocaust Education in the Medical School curriculum. I would like the essay to please take the position that Holocaust Education should 100% be included in each and every medical school in the world without Exception. In the Holocaust, German Doctors became one of the most intimately connected groups with Nazi executions and brutal experiments in concentration camps. Nazi Physicians were present in each and every concentration camp and oversaw all executions and experiments that were done on prisoners. Even doctors who disagreed with the Nazis on most things lined up to be able to experiment on concentration camp prisoners or to receive other benefits and promotions from the Nazis. Many doctors convinced themselves they were doing nothing wrong and were experimenting and killing prisoners for the betterment of society as a whole, a completely false idea.

Is there a place for Holocaust education in the medical school curriculum? In this essay, you should write about the information you have learned that may speak to the importance of Holocaust education in a medical school curriculum. How might medical school students benefit from learning about the Holocaust?

Please read all the sources provided and create an argument as to why Holocaust Curriculum most certainly should be included in Medical schools. Doctors need to know the moral dilemmas that appeared in the Holocaust and the signs of abuse of power so they can prevent the same atrocities from occurring in the future. Many doctors found themselves caught up in the Holocaust by ignoring the signs around them and solely focusing on their work, a tragic mistake. Doctors must be vigilant defenders of their patients and their rights, and there is no exception; upcoming doctors must learn ethical values in Medical school and how to combat abuses in our medical system.

Attached files below: The two attached sources should be the foundation of the response, with the links to the websites being used to support the argument and build off of it. Please include as many of the website sources as possible and please reach out to me with any questions.

Website links:

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