This is an essay for my music call

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Hi, This is an essay for my music call, and I put some Information at the bottom and the links. So please read the instruction and move on with that. thanks for your time and consideration and if you have any questions, please message me; I will respond as soon as possible.
write the essay in MLA
get more sources from this textbook thank you
link for the book:
SOURCES – Five sources are required for your bibliography or works cited section at the
end. Four of these sources must be print sources (ignore during COVID-19) – books
or journal articles. One source may be web based, but only if you access it through
the CRC Library Portal (Google Scholar, EBESCO, etc.). You do not have to have a
web source. You may use print sources that have been digitized and put online as
long as they have at some point been published in print. E-books are fine. These
digitized sources still count as print sources. You may NOT use the textbook for the
class as a source.

BIBLIOGRAPHY or WORKS CITED – List your five or more sources in a bibliography
or works cited section. Use MLA format.

SOUND EXAMPLE – Post a URL link to a sound example of your topic. This can be
from YouTube or the Naxos Music Library which is a CRC Subscriiption service. To
get there go to the CRC Home page ( and click on the library link
(bottom right corner). Click on “Find Articles in Research Databases”. You will be
asked for your student ID and password.
Use the search box to find your composer. An appropriate sound example WILL be a
part of your grade. Post this link at the very END of your paper after the
bibliography so that it is not picked up as plagiarism. Your sound example is NOT
one of your five bibliography entries,
MLA Format – Use a standard college paper format such as MLA. The CRC library
has a free MLA style guide.
SOURCES CITED – Every time you make a major point in your paper, you should cite
the source in your Bibliography / Works Cited section. Example: Beethoven
experiences significant hearing loss by the time he was 25. (Druckman, 32). If I go
and look in your works cited section I should find an author with the last name of
Druckman, and if I get the book, it should state that information on Page 32. If you
have multiple points in one paragraph, but they are all from the same source and
page, then just give the citation at the end of the paragraph. If you have multiple
points from different authors, then you should insert your citation after each
major point. If you have a book or article listed in your bibliography, then it should
be cited somewhere in the body of your paper.

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