This is teacher requirements and notes everything you need website source is her

Posted: January 6th, 2023

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This is teacher requirements and notes everything you need website source is here.
You have now reviewed the materials on lynching, and you have read about Ida B. Wells. It is time to examine some of these sources for yourself. Attached you will find a newspaper account of a lynching from the 1890s. I have included a scan of the original if you want to see it for yourself. I am also attaching two versions of a transcription of the article that might be easier to read. Note: this article is rather gruesome, but it is critical in understanding what Ida B. Wells was fighting against in terms of newspaper coverage of lynching in the South. Wells was angered by the way most newspapers discussed lynching and perpetuated stereotypes about African American men. Reading this article should help you understand the source of her frustration and give you a sense about why she viewed her investigative work as essential.
Burned at the Stake Original.pdfDownload Burned at the Stake Original.pdf
Burned at the Stake Transcribed.docxDownload Burned at the Stake Transcribed.docx
Burned at the Stake Transcribed.pdfDownload Burned at the Stake Transcribed.pdf
Next, please read this excerpt by Ida B. Wells Links to an external site.discussing lynching and challenging many of the public justifications for it.
Directions: Consider what you know about Ida B. Wells and her writing. Knowing that she investigated many of these killings and exposed the lies told to justify these murders, what do you think Wells would have said about the article regarding the man burned at the stake? What inconsistencies would she have identified in the story? Your posting should be at least 250 words in length. Remember to post two replies of at least seventy-five words each. As usual, follow the rules of Netiquette. To earn full points, you will need to point to specific parts of the newspaper article and this excerpt of what Wells herself wrote. I know, for example, that you can find summaries of what Wells argued online but I want to see what you can conclude on your own. If you are not finding any inconsistencies in the newspaper account, please read it again as there are multiple questionable statements.
As a warning, I do not want any posts excusing the killing on the grounds that Winfield Townsend could have been guilty as I have read a handful of those in previous semesters. While it is possible that Townsend was guilty of the crime, the mob murdered him without trial. No matter how horrendous the accusation, people in the United States have a constitutional right to a trial in which it is the responsibility of the authorities to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and, in this case, nothing was proven. One might make the case that Winfield Townsend was unlikely to have a fair trial anyway, but the mob’s actions denied him any chance of survival whatsoever. In addition, even if Townsend had been convicted in a court, he would have been sentenced to prison rather than being executed. Remain focused on the specific details in the newspaper account that only served to justify and excuse Townsend’s murder as that is what would catch the attention of Ida B. Wells
.Plagiarizing the assignment or using manufactured quotes will result in a 0

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