This TedTalk is interesting because it ties our last discussion on AIDS with our

Posted: January 18th, 2023

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This TedTalk is interesting because it ties our last discussion on AIDS with our Chapter 7 work on substance abuse. Watch the video and then give a thoughtful response to the writing prompt below. (6 pts)
Reply to 2 other students. (4 pts)
TedTalk by Botticelli Links to an external site.
What are your thoughts on addiction? Some people say it is a lack of willpower and the medical community lists it as a disease. Weakness or sickness? What is your reason for believing what you do?
Example 1 Kathryn My thought on addiction is that it is a disease. To say that addiction can be overcome through willpower alone is a fallacy. I can understand the thinking that one should simply avoid taking these addictive substances and that it is ultimately a choice. However, there is an epidemic within the USA of overprescription of pain medication, Opioids in particular. These prescription pills can lead to dependency due to the way some drugs (as explained within the chapter) re-wire our brains to become dependent upon these drugs, due to chemical and molecular changes, leading those who have become addicted to seek these same effects elsewhere. For this reason, I believe that willpower alone is not an adequate rehabilitation tool as it is explained to lead to relapses. However, when combined with properly structured medical treatment programs willpower is an important first step. Example 2 Brenda I believe that addiction is a real thing that does not get talk about enough. It is important to talk about this topic more often because when someone has an addiction to something it does only affect its own body but also those around them. Addictions take a huge part on someone’s life and if these do not get treated soon, things start to drift away little by little. Addictions are real diseases that need medical help, most people do not realize this and usually judge those with addictions and even call them out names without taking time to think about their situation first. An important thing to know about this is that most of the time people grow addictions to drugs/alcohol due to circumstances or problems happening at home. That is why we should not judge those who we see struggling when we go out because we have no idea of their true story that got them to that point.

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