To Prepare: Review the Learning Resources and the topics the Instructor provided

Posted: January 11th, 2023

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To Prepare: Review the Learning Resources and the topics the Instructor provided you for this module. Think about your role as a current or future environmental health/public health professional and how you might address the issue to effect positive social change.
To Complete: Submit a 5–7 page paper addressing a water quality issue you were provided from the list of approved topics. To complete this assignment you must find 6–10 recent (less than 5 years old) articles that support the topic of your Midterm Paper. A minimum of six of these articles must reflect primary peer-reviewed research. Beyond the minimum six primary research articles, you may add additional, high-quality secondary literature (reviews or meta-analyses), and you may use websites from a scholarly and relevant source (e.g., EPA, CDC, NCHS, etc.).
Your Paper must include the following:
A title page, in APA format.
Cite all sources within your text and be sure to follow APA format.
Include section headers in APA format for each section below:
Background of the water quality issue: Describe the water quality issue and highlight its unique attributes and why a public health response would be warranted. This should include a historical review of the water quality concern, as well as a review of the current state of the problem.
Assessment of Exposure: Describe the potential human health effects and the environmental harm of this water quality issue. Your review should take into account the unique environmental health factors that influence human exposure and what challenges/barriers can you expect to face in addressing this issue.
Assessment of Public Health Response Impact (locally and globally): Analyze the core public health impact of responding to this problem and how local, state and federal public health agencies may work together in controlling the outcome in the future. Your review should also take into account what other resources and/or partnerships may be needed to respond to this problem to better ensure a sustainable public health response both locally and globally.
Current Status of Action and Proposed Action: Given your review of this water quality issue, what specific public health actions, laws, and/or procedures/practices are currently in place? What else do you feel will best protect the community and why? Make sure that our review includes identified policy/regulation gaps, areas for improvement, and opportunities for proactive public health hazard prevention.
Provide a summary/conclusion adequately closing the paper and finalizing your thoughts on how these measures contribute to positive social change.
APA formatted Reference List
Absolutely NO plagiarism, I will run it through my school’s system.
Scholarly tone paper
There should at least be one to two Intext citations in each paragraph eg. (Jerry & Tom, 2022).
Please feel free to answer any questions
Use at least 4 peer-reviewed articles for references and government websites like CDC.

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