Today’s reading takes this critique a step further by thinking about marriage an

Posted: January 10th, 2023

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Today’s reading takes this critique a step further by thinking about marriage and the family as heteronormative institutions. In fact, the fairly recent Supreme Court ruling that establishes marriage equality in 2015 does not necessarily mean that homosexual couples enjoy the same freedom under the law and in society than heterosexual couples. The two readings assigned for today speak to the heteronormative as well as race bias inherent in Western understandings of marriage and the family. This adds an intersectional perspective to the study of the topic where we think about the manner in which heteronormativity as well as race and class contribute to the marginalization of those who find themselves outside of the framework of what is considered idea – or even normal. Today’s author Katherine Franke is professor of Gender and Sexuality Law at Columbia Law School and Patricia Hill Collins is a Black feminist and a Distinguished University Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park.
For today’s assignment, using the texts authored by Susan Okin (2004), Carol Pateman (1988), and Katherine Franke (2013):
Destabilize marriage as a universal framework – explain how the gendered structure of marriage yields a particular power dynamic
Point to the fact that legal reform in the area of marriage is more complex than often assumed in the debate on same-sex marriage (intersectionality)
Explain for whom marriage and marriage laws might work best and why
Today’s learning objectives:
Understand the heteronormative roots of the institution of marriage
Understand how such heteronormativity penetrates our legal institutions, practices, and ideologies that excludes those who do not conform with such
Understand marriage as a racialized, gender, and capitalist institution.
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