Trace your daily route through a city or site in Renaissance Italy.

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Pick a historical figure from any of the time periods we have covered or will cover this semester (i.e., the Dugento to the end of the Cinquecento). You may select a historical personage, such as a specific ruler or member of a ruling dynasty, an artist, or a patron, or you may choose a representative from a particular historic group (i.e., a nun, a monk, a merchant, etc.). You may choose from these suggestions, or you may choose a character not on the list, as long as it is appropriate to the time period and geographic region we have studied.
Once you have chosen your character, complete either of the two following tasks. Pick one that is appropriate for the character you have chosen.
OPTION A: Commission a work of art or a building (or a complex of buildings). This could include a palace, a church, a family chapel within an extant church, a villa and garden, a tomb, an equestrian monument, an altarpiece, a piece of public sculpture, a portrait (or portraits), a visual pun, a painting as a diplomatic gift, a cassone as a wedding gift, etc. You should select a work, building, or monument that is appropriate to your station. A tradesperson wouldn’t commission a papal tomb, for instance.
OPTION B: Trace your daily route through a city or site in Renaissance Italy. Describe your day, paying particular attention to the buildings and spaces you occupy, the objects you encounter or use, and the kind of interaction you have with both space and object. You may trace a route through Florence, Rome, Venice, really anywhere you like, as long as you can research it and it falls within the parameters of the course. You could also choose to describe your day if your life is largely lived indoors (which would be the case for many women of the time period) by giving a tour of the palace, villa, or other structure in which you live. Be sure to specify the time period you have chosen. (A tour of Dugento Florence would not look the same as a tour of Cinquecento Florence.) You could choose any ordinary day, or a day of particular historic significance.

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