Understanding Barriers to Effective Relationships

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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Personal and Interpersonal Barriers are addressed beginning on page 47 of the Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence Book.
A). After reading Barriers to Effective Relationships: Case of the Green-Haired People, address ALL SIX Barriers and explain HOW they are evident in the case of the green haired people. (pg. 57).
(See Attached “Understanding Barriers to Effective Relationships” AND “Case of the Green-Haired People”)
*Personal/Interpersonal Barriers (1-5)
*Organizational/Institutional Barrier (6)
B). Select 4 of the 6 Barriers and share you own experiences with these barriers. If you have not experienced 4 of these barriers you are to provide examples that apply to the barriers. (Cannot use case of the Green Haired people as examples).

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