Use the chart below to outline the elements of the Grand Narrative Story.

Posted: July 18th, 2022

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Use the chart below to outline the elements of the Grand Narrative Story. You will use this outline as your scriipt for your Grand Narrative Video Assignment in module 7.
• Descriiption: In the descriiption column, you should summarize that part of the grand narrative story as if you were telling the story to someone from the culture you researched in your CQ Research Assignment. Focus on the most important details of that story element that would resonate with a person from that culture and use vocabulary that would make sense to a person from that culture. You should write in complete sentences when writing your story. Write 3-5 sentences about each element. Note that you should tell the story in your own words in this section (do not quote scriipture here).
• Scripture Reference: In the scriipture reference column, list scriiptures where you can find that part of the story in the Bible. You don’t have to quote the scriipture, just list the reference (i.e., Genesis 1:1).
• Cultural Connection: In the cultural connection column, you will practice contextualizing your story. Write 1-3 sentences about how someone from the culture you researched might respond to that part of the story. What cultural systems or cultural value orientations might help them to connect with that part of the story? What cultural artifacts might help you to draw connections from the culture to the story? You should rely heavily on the information you discovered in your CQ Research Assignment to complete this section.
Student Name Megan Fitch Course Section Number GLST220-B01
Country New Zealand Cultural Cluster (Anglo, Nordic Europe, Germanic Europe, Latin Europe, Latin America, Confucian Asia, Southern Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Arab) Anglo
Story Element Descriiption Scripture Reference Cultural Connection
Act 1: God Establishes His Kingdom
Act 2: Rebellion in the Kingdom
Act 3: The King Chooses Israel
Cain and Abel
Tower of Babel
Act 4: The Coming of the King
Virgin Birth
Incarnation and Deity (Fully God, Fully Man)
Jesus’ Life (person and ministry)
Jesus’ Death
Jesus’ Resurrection
Act 5: Spreading the News of the King
Holy Spirit
Act 6: The Return of the King
Christ’s Return

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