Values as a Human Services Professional

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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Values as a Human Services Professional
Professional and personal values are important to decision-making. Therefore, during this assignment, you will get to share your core values and discuss their link to service delivery and social responsibility. In addition, you will get to examine the ethical principles among other professions, which will further reinforce the importance of values.
Assignment Directions
Review the NOHS Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals and conduct research to discover the values inherent in the human services profession.
Please be sure to address all of the following in your assignment:
Identify your top three core values and discuss why they are your top three.
Discuss how the personal and professional values in the human services profession instruct (or impact) effective service delivery in both positive and negative ways.
Analyze the expectations for social responsibility included in the NOHS Ethical Standards, either explicitly or implicitly.
Compare and contrast these professional values with those of at least one other profession (law, medicine, etc.).
Use specific examples to discuss the impact of these values on services provided to clientele of each profession discussed.
Reference: Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions 10th Edition by Gerald Corey (Author), Marianne Schneider Corey (Author), Cindy Corey (Author) See less

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