Vision and Mission Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group is a group that aims to

Posted: January 24th, 2023

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Vision and Mission
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group is a group that aims to support the healthcare sector in order to improve and provide medical services, as it sought to develop its experience and medical knowledge in a number of departments. Therefore, to support its core business in an integrated manner, it has also worked to significantly expand the services and achievements it provides. Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group has also contributed financially and institutionally to the establishment of a strong and sustainable infrastructure and the expansion of the services it aims to provide, and the opening of this hospital, which is considered one of the advanced and integrated health organizations in a location that provides easy access to a large population in order to benefit many patients. (Al-Mutair, A 2019).
Vision: Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group aims to become the largest and fastest provider of excellence in the field of providing healthcare services in the Middle East with the latest technologies for medical facilities and comprehensive medical services based on the highest international standards in the field of healthcare.
Mission: Dr. Suleiman Al Habib Medical Group mission statement is to work on providing their own medical care and it should be complete along with empathy to improve the quality of life for people from all aspects of healthy life. It also seeks to bring the most advanced medical technology , qualified and distinguished medical staff and competent administrative staff, in order to maintain the high quality of the services it seeks to provide to patients and serve them with all honesty, respect and trust.
Vision analysis:
The vision defines what the hospital wants to become in the independent: one of the largest hospitals providing healthcare and the fastest growing.
We strive to be the best for everyone: by the highest international standards. Strategic objective: to provide excellent healthcare in the Middle East. (Al-Mutair,2019). The analysis of the mission statement is aimed at patient care, as it is considered the focus of attention that seeks to assess the needs of patients by helping them to provide services that are in line with the patients ‘ privacy, family status and social status, also taking into account their lifestyle. We also strive to respond at all times to the needs of patients through various communication channels, conducting surveys of their opinions and continuous training of our staff. Excellence and quality the permanent improvement of quality in everything we do, through creativity, innovation and continuous development, to create a brighter future. Our staff makes every effort to save the patient’s time and ensure the effective and efficient use of available resources.
As the kingdom seeks to enhance technology in the healthcare system in line with the kingdom’s Vision 2030, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Group has many capabilities that enable it to contribute to the future plans of the hospital by increasing the number of its clients inside and outside the Kingdom and expanding its portfolio of services provided, including primary and secondary care systems from home healthcare, which provides patients with access to greater medical assistance and allows healthcare providers to make greater use of its resources.( Bowen, S.2018). As part of our efforts to expand the range of innovative services of the group, we will launch a new application update with a voice activation feature for many healthcare service operators in order to meet and exceed their expectations and establish or strengthen working relationships. In addition to many other systems that will be updated or improved, the second stage of the revenue cycle system and the care planning system for a number of health conditions will be launched.( Bowen, S. 2018).
Al-Mutair, Abbas & Al-Omari, Awad. (2019). Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Journal: A New Journey into Academic Excellence. Dr. Sulaiman Al HabibMedicalJournal.1.10.2991/dsahmj.k.190617.001.
Bowen, S. A. (2018). Mission and vision statements. In R. L. Heath (Ed.), The encyclopedia of public relations (2nd ed., Vol. 2, pp.570–572). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

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