Ways of Learning

Posted: September 16th, 2022

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Discussion: Ways of Learning
Think about the last time you had to learn something new. As adults, we try to connect new knowledge to prior understanding so that it builds upon the foundation we already have. Maybe the new knowledge was easy to integrate, just a matter of following step-by-step instructions. Or perhaps it caused you to reevaluate and refine previous assumptions you were making and acting on, as in transformative learning. If you are someone who likes to learn through experience, experiential learning may appeal to you. Different people have different needs when it comes to learning, and different learning needs may work better with specific types of learning. Understanding your own experiences with transformative, experiential and reflective learning may help you intentionally facilitate these types of learning with your own adult students in the classroom.
To prepare:
Review the Learning Resources for this week.
Create scenarios that illustrate each of the following learning theories:
Transformative learning (Mezirow) involves psychological, convictional, and behavioral changes and results in a new frame of reference for adults.
Experiential learning involves learning by doing the new skill and then reflecting on the work product.
Reflective learning involves stepping back from the new knowledge acquisition process and considering what will improve the future performance.
By Day 3
Post a descriiption of a scenario for each of learning theories–transformative, experiential, and reflective–illustrating characteristics of each theory. Evaluate which of these theories resonates most with you and explain why. Finally, provide an example of how you could apply the characteristics of one of these learning theories in your current educational environment.
Be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources, or something you have read, heard, seen, or experienced.

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