Week 2: research paper proposal select a current issue in the field of * psychol

Posted: October 30th, 2022

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Week 2: Research Paper Proposal
Select a current issue in the field of * Psychology (see linkhttp://www.apa.org/topics/), then submit a proposal for your research paper. The proposal must briefly discuss your topic and be at least one paragraph in length. Keep in mind, you are only submitting a proposal this week. Please include your thesis statement in this proposal so your idea is clearly formulated.
You can choose an issue/topic that affects you personally or an issue/topic that interests you. Remember it needs to relate back to psychology, so avoid argumentative style papers; you want to focus on the psychological factors and then any other secondary factors that go into your topic. Again, this proposal will be for your final research paper where you are investigating a psychological topic, and will include four scholarly sources in your final paper.
Once you submit this proposal, it will be graded with approval in the comments area of your graded assignment, along with any other feedback your professor feels necessary to improve your topic.
Submit your proposal in a Word document or PDF only (No Mac formatted pages.doc) and then upload the document using the upload tool below. Use this naming protocol for your proposal:
* I know that psychology is a very broad field, so that means you have a large array of topics to choose from here. Here is the American Psychological Association which lists a wide variety of topics in the field: http://www.apa.org/topics/. Page down to the bottom and you will see all of the categories, which should assist you with selecting a topic of your choice for your proposal and final research paper.

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