Week 2 Your descriptive observation of the behavior of a person experiencing str

Posted: January 23rd, 2023

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Week 2 Your descriptive observation of the behavior of a person experiencing stress. In this report you will not mention any names or personal aspects that will identify this individual.
Report will include
1) Describing what you see and hear. 4 sentences
2) Include was the behavior [emotional reactions] of the other observers? 1 -2 sentences.
3) How you felt upon observing this. 1 -2 sentences.
4) Consider the reason for the behavior. {Did the person get what he/she wanted? 1 -2 sentences.
5) Final result. Ask the 2nd ‘why’. 1 -2 sentences.
page 2. 1) The written report offers specific details of how you took an idea from either the lecture, the textbook [cite page] or the PowerPoint presentation [cite slide] and utilized information in class in a real life situation either at home, work, church, school or some other group setting. 1 sentence.THE FOCUS HERE IS ON SOMETHING THAT STOOD OUT, EVOKED A STRONG EMOTION OR A REALIZATION, OR INSIGHT. CAN YOU IDENTIFY AND NAME THE EMOTION THAT YOU FELT. BE SURE TO INDICATE WHERE YOU FOUND THIS INFORMATION BY INDICATING TEXT PAGE OR POWERPOINT SLIDE # [Rubric 2 points]
2) In this report you will mention;
a) The specific idea/concept from last class that you used, or were specifically assigned,1 sentence. HERE YOU NAME OR IDENTIFY THE CONCEPT. [Rubric 1 point]
b) Your understanding of the idea, 1 sentence. HERE YOU EXPLAIN YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE CONCEPT. [Rubric 1 point]
c) The time, date and location that it was done, 1 sentence. AT THIS POINT YOU SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED WITH ANOTHER PERSON. THIS OCCURS THIS WEEK AND NOT SOME EVENT YEARS AGO. [Rubric 1 point]
d) Tell explicitly how you did it, or what you observed, 2 – 5 sentences. HERE IS WHERE YOU ELABORATE ON WHAT YOU SAID AND WHAT YOU SHARED. [Rubric 1 point]
e) Describe with details what the exact behavioral response from others was 2 – 5 sentences.DESCRIBE WHAT RESPONSE YOU RECEIVED FROM THE OTHER PERSON. BE SPECIFIC – BODY LANGUAGE, FACIAL EXPRESSION AND VERBALIZATIONS. [Rubric 2 points]
f) Did you get the desired response. Y/N If not what could you have done differently to get the desired response?1 sentence WERE YOU SUCCESSFUL IN EVOKING THE SAME RESPONSE FROM THE OTHER PERSON YES OR NO. IF YOU DID NOT GET THE DESIRED RESPONSE THEN WAS IT DUE TO POOR TIMING [TOO EARLY- BEFORE COFFEE OR DID YOU CATCH THE PERSON AT A BUSY TIME. [Rubric 1 point]
g) Include response to a classmate’s report. [Rubric 1 point]
Approved Text: Abnormal Psychology. 10th Edition. Comer and Comer Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

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