Week 5 Assignment on Intermittent Pneumatic Compression 

Posted: June 6th, 2022

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Week 5 Assignment on Intermittent Pneumatic Compression 
Length: Body must be 4 pages min. + cover page and citation page 
Sources: At minimum 3 sources within the last five years should be from a scholarly journal. 
Paper & Citation Style: Entire format MUST be in APA style.
Structure: Cover page, Abstract, body (includes introduction), Conclusion, Citation page.
Body should include a summary/review of each of the 3 articles. 
(May use those linked on Black board by Instructor if pertinent)
Instructions: Review journal resources to find scholarly articles pertaining to support your opinion on the use of IPC. The report should provide an overview of the pathological conditions that can benefit from this modality, including but not limited to: causes, population primarily affected, primary indications and absolute contraindications to use. Discuss the impact the modality has on a patient’s functional abilities by supporting this with effective evidence based practice in physical therapy intervention. Include discussion regarding the different uses for IPC in sports recovery vs cardio vascular prevention methods in the inpatient setting. 
Ensure when selecting your references and resources, you use the strength and validity of the research article to support your opinion of this modality. In the conclusion, summarize the important points that “every PTA” should know about the modality. 
Resources for proper citation: APA https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ 
Assignment will be SafeAssign Enabled. 
Plagiarism: Research papers found to contain plagiarism will receive a zero on the assignment. Please see the writing lab for assistance with proper citation of sources both within the paper and in the references page. Papers MUST be under 25% for similarity as per educational and institutional standard. 

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