Week 8 Discussion Questions: ⦁ Explain how employee development contributes to s

Posted: January 21st, 2023

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Week 8 Discussion Questions:
⦁ Explain how employee development contributes to strategies related to employee retention, development of intellectual capital, and business growth.
⦁ Discuss the steps in the development planning process.
⦁ Explain the employees’ and company’s responsibilities in planning development.
⦁ Discuss current trends in using formal education for development.
⦁ Relate how assessment of personality type, work behaviors, and job performance can be used for employee development.
⦁ Explain how job experiences can be used for skill development.
⦁ Develop successful mentoring programs.
⦁ Describe how to train managers to coach employees.
⦁ Discuss what companies are doing to melt the glass ceiling.
⦁ Use the 9-box grid for identifying where employees fit in a succession plan and construct appropriate development plans for them.
Week 9 Discussion Questions:
⦁ Distinguish between involuntary and voluntary turnover and discuss how each of these forms of turnover can be leveraged for competitive advantage.
⦁ List the major elements that contribute to perceptions of justice and how to apply these in organizational contexts involving discipline and dismissal.
⦁ Specify the relationship between job satisfaction and various forms of job withdrawal and identify the major sources of job satisfaction in work contexts.
⦁ Design a survey feedback intervention program and use this to promote retention of key organizational personnel.
⦁ List the main decision areas and concepts in employee compensation management.
⦁ Describe the major administrative tools used to manage employee compensation.
⦁ Explain the importance of competitive labor market and product market forces in compensation decisions.
⦁ Discuss the significance of process issues such as communication in compensation management.
⦁ Describe new developments in the design of pay structures.
⦁ Explain where the United States stands on pay issues from an international perspective.
⦁ Explain the reasons for the controversy over executive pay.
⦁ Describe the regulatory framework for employee compensation.
Week 10 Discussion Questions:
⦁ Discuss how pay influences individual employees and describe three theories that explain the effect of compensation on individuals.
⦁ Describe the fundamental pay programs for recognizing employees’ contributions to the organization’s success.
⦁ List the advantages and disadvantages of the pay programs.
⦁ Describe how organizations combine incentive plans in a balanced scorecard.
⦁ Discuss issues related to performance-based pay for executives.
⦁ Explain the importance of process issues such as communication in compensation management.
⦁ List the major factors to consider in matching the pay strategy to the organization’s strategy.
⦁ Discuss the growth in benefits costs and the underlying reasons for that growth.
⦁ Explain the major provisions of employee benefits programs.
⦁ Discuss how employee benefits in the United States compare with those in other countries.
⦁ Describe the effects of benefits management on cost and workforce quality.
⦁ Explain the importance of effectively communicating the nature and value of benefits to employees.
⦁ Describe the regulatory constraints that affect the way employee benefits are designed and administered.

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