What are potential employee exposure hazards associated with welding and cutting?

Posted: November 12th, 2022

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Fire Protection and Prevention
As a construction manager, you are expected to receive 100 one-gallon containers of WD-40 lubricating fluid in liquid form. Write a fire protection and prevention plan to (1) properly store the product inside a warehouse, (2) later transfer the 100 gallons to two steel 55-gallon drums, and (3) identify the type of fire extinguisher that is required. Support each decision by citing the applicable OSHA regulation. First, start by locating the safety data sheet (SDS) for the product on the Internet and determining its flammability category using its flashpoint.
You have been tasked with providing consultations to a number of construction sites. Which specific fire extinguisher would you recommend for each of the following construction areas?
Standard 80’x14’ construction office trailer
IT computer node room
Forklift repair facility
Storage room containing titanium metal plates
The construction superintendent has radioed you and requested that six (6) acetylene cylinders be transported to the other side of the construction site and hoisted onto the second-floor work area. Describe the precautions required for the transportation, hoisting, and storage of the six acetylene cylinders? Cite each applicable OSHA regulation.
Welding and Cutting
Using an acetylene torch, a welder has been assigned the task to remove a deteriorated steel plate stiffener located 15 feet up the inside of a 50-year-old non-potable water storage tank. Arc welding will be used to weld the new stiffener in place. Although the job is expected to be completed in a single 8- hour shift, what hazards must be considered in planning the job? What are potential employee exposure hazards associated with welding and cutting?
Discuss some methods to reduce worker exposure to welding fumes, describe the general precautions for fire prevention when “hot work” (such as welding or cutting) is being performed, and summarize the requirements for “fire watch” personnel. Include any experiences that you have had with welding and the training that precluded.

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