What are socio-economic factors influencing access to healthy foods resulting in health disparities?

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Assignment 5, nutrition and diet 
Diet/Nutrition/Obesity/Food insecurityIn the unit on Nutrition and Obesity, the various assigned materials approach the content from different angles. The following questions will be the basis of a short reflection assisgnment
Collect a 24 hours diet on a client.
Analyze the diet according to current recommendations, evidence based recommendations. According to BMI, sex, activity level, any health issues etc, anything missing in the diet? Anything too much or too little?  Are you suggesting any change?
Address the diet, giving advise vs a motivational interviewing approach vs a combo vs other? Your thoughts….

In a short assignment (minimum of 3 paragraphs, but doesn’t need to be much longer than 3 paragraphs), comment on the above questions with something that struck you from the assigned materials. You can also relate it to your experience with patients or your experience as a patient. However, use the assigned materials as a basis for your discussion.  Did something surprise you or was new information for you? Is there something you agree or disagree with?Be sure to appropriately site any sources using APA. I do not expect you to do research or include anything outside of the assigned readings.(1-2  pages, double spaced, using APA format) 
Grading Criteria
1.  24 hour diet                                                                                          0.5 pt
2.  Analysis of the 24 hour diet by age, sex, BMI, activity etc.                  1.5 pt
3.    Reflect on communication strategies with patients re diet                   1 pts              
(MI vs advise)
4.  Identify socio-economic factors & health disparities related to diet and food access                                                        1.5 pts      
 5.   Utilize at least 2 sources* & correct APA format                                   0.5 pts 

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