What are some potential challenges you see in implementing PBIS within your own teaching practice

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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Module 1After you have completed the readings and activities for Module 1, you are expected to develop a well-written essay that is approx. 500 words and shows understanding of 2-3 larger ideas from the readings shared this week. Your reflective narrative can go in any direction based on your responses to the readings, media, and PPTs. If there is a specific question or issue that came up based on your readings or personal experience, you have permission to run with that. Some possible questions you could address include any of the following – although you are not required to answer any specific question – as your narrative can go an any direction based on your response to the various media.Please note that while you are expected to read at least 10 different artificats or chapters for this Module, you are not expected to SUMMARIZE your readings -instead focus on 2-3 issues or questions or ideas that resonated with you and then make references to at least THREE of the artifacts or readings you choose (from the 10). You can certainly cite more – but 3 is the minimum for this response. That being said – some possible questions include:What are some possibilities for the different levels/tiers of PBIS to address culturally responsive needs of students?How might PBIS be integrated with other systems to support student needs – preferences?How might equity be envisioned through PBIS? What are some potential challenges you see in implementing PBIS within your own teaching practice – and/or a classroom?How might theories of change – presented in this model – differ or resonate with your own experiences – perspectives around students with Emotional Behavior Disorders (of some degree) ?  How might the voice of students (with communication issues) be supported within PBIS – systems? Criteria:Your response should be well-written, at least 500 words, and follow APA guidelines .- including a reference page. You should make references to at least THREE different resources provided within module 1 (readings, media, PPT, ect) You are encouraged to share additional resources.https://www.physio-pedia.com/Behaviour_Changehttp://www.rtinetwork.org/learn/behavior-supports/integrating-behavior-and-academic-supports-general-overviewhttps://www.pbis.org/video/enhancing-equity-of-pbis-through-cultural-responsiveness-sctg-webinarhttps://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu/otlt/mph-modules/sb/behavioralchangetheories/behavioralchangetheories6.html

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