What are the benefits and shortcomings of your chosen facilitation topic?

Posted: January 11th, 2023

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Paper topic: Methods for Diagnostic and Intervention of Groups. This is not about diagnostics from a medical perspective.. It is from a business perspective and how teams work, etc. “How do you watch a group in action and figure out exactly what is happening that is increasing or decreasing the group’s effectiveness? This is the central question for diagnosing groups. After you figure out what’s happening what do you say to help the group become more effective?
I have attached copies of other papers on this topic in case you need clarification on the topic. Please message me if you have any questions regarding the topic.
This paper consists of two major sections. The first part needs to about roughly 6 pages and is detailed below:
Make the connection to the real world through a case study. Choose an organization that has applied your facilitation topic (methods for diagnostic and intervention of groups). This could be a private company, non-profit, church, department, or government agency. Be sure to briefly introduce the organization and some background information about it. Discussing background information for describing the company is a great way to provide context for what you will be writing about in this paper.
Again, the point of this section is to bridge the gap between the research and real-world application. As such you will likely cover the following areas, as well as, others you want to add:
– Brief background information on the organization and industry
– How your topic is uniquely applied within a specific organization or team scenario
– Rationale or the “why” behind its need and its application
– The results or outcome regarding how it is applied
Just to reiterate, this section should be about 6 pages.
The next section of the paper should be about 4 pages, and will cover the following areas:
Pros and Cons- What are the benefits and shortcomings of your chosen facilitation topic?
Challenges- What are potential roadblocks and challenges to applying your facilitation in real-world organizations? These could be potential internal challenges or perhaps specific industries make it difficult. Think through this section like a consultant would.
Future Implications- What does the future state of your topic look like going forward in the next 5-10 years?
Conclusion- Bring all of your data, the case study, and the discussion to a close for the reader.
Again, this section should be about 4 pages.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.
(a copy of the paper instructions has been uploaded as well in PDF format)

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