What are the business problems as outlined in this case?

Posted: July 9th, 2022

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Please read through the MIT Business Case Study: Robin Chase, Zipcar, and an Inconvenient Discovery (direct link: https://mitsloan.mit.edu/LearningEdge/Leadership/Pages/Zipcar.aspx).
Read all sections of the business case, including: Upbringing, Building Quantitative Skills, Opportune Idea, Opportune Time, Putting it Together, Hitting the Road, and An Inconvenient Discovery.
Please watch all included videos within the case study.
Using the resources (readings and videos) from this Week’s folder and using sources from other resources found in this course, please explain, in an essay, what you would do next, if you were Robin Chase, following the last section of the business case that reads:
“As Chase listened to Mark and other members of her team share their reservations toward the idea of raising prices, she started to get angry: “As I was sitting there I began to think, I’ve heard so many CEOs talk about their startup experience. And none of them, not one, had ever said that this would happen. I had been told no stories at all about it being hard. I just thought, wow, you’ve all been such liars, and no one ever let on about this. This was the big secret, and it was awful.”
What are the business problems as outlined in this case?
How would you problem solve to address the business problems? Be thorough in your answer and reference the business case, this week’s videos, and this week’s readings as well as resources from previous weeks in this course.
What steps/actions would you take if you were Robin Chase? Please use information and data you’ve gathered from this class to support your choice of actions.
Would you need to negotiate? If so, how and with whom?
What problems do you think might arise due to your decisions and actions?
What results do you want and what do you expect as a result of your actions?
What’s going on with Zipcar today? Check out the company website at: http://www.zipcar.com/

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