What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region?

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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The purpose of this research project is for you to write a professional, graduate-level research
paper in current APA format. Competency in current APA format is required of all Business
graduates of Liberty University, as set forth by policy of both the graduate faculty and the
You will research and write a paper analyzing the cultural perspectives of doing business in
another nation. Your professor will provide a list of approved nations from which you will
choose one nation.
After reading your paper, the reader should be able to comprehensively answer the following
research questions. Thus, the research questions form the major aspects (APA Level 1 headings)
of your outline.
 What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region? (See Satterlee:
Chapter 2 for a list of the 6 required dimensions.)
 How are these elements and dimensions integrated by locals conducting business in the
Important Points to Consider
 Length of assignment: 10 pages minimum
o 10 pages is approximately 2,500 words of content, that does not include the Title
Page, Table of Contents, Abstract, or References. Absolutely no tables or figures
or columns must be included as they will not count toward the 10 full pages [2500
words] minimum – only written content will earn credit.
 Format of assignment: APA Format
 Number of citations: 10 citations
 Acceptable sources include references from reputable professional and/or scholarly
journals and/or informational venues that deal with the content of the course (i.e., not
blogs, Wikipedia, newspapers, etc.).
 Use the following as the exact title of your paper:
o “Business Cultural Dimensions Analysis Assignment: (insert nation selected)”
 The paper must consist of only 2 sections, as indicated above. Do not add sections or
revise the research questions.
 Three levels of current APA headings must be used throughout the paper, as this is a
graduate-level research paper.
 The paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document
 Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.
Some students do not fully understand the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing.
Paraphrasing is when you take a source or someone else’s idea and say it in your own words.
When you paraphrase, you must still give the author’s name, date, the title of the source, the
scholarly journal from where it came, and the exact website address or book from where it came.
However, when you directly quote a source, it must have quotation marks around the quote, or
BUSI 604
Page 2 of 2
(if 40 words or more) it must be set in block-quotation format. Give detailed information of
where you acquired the quote.
For the purpose of this paper, adhere to the following rules when quoting or using a source:
 Do not directly quote more than 120 words from any 1 source.
 If the source is 2,000 words or less, do not directly quote more than 50 words from it.
 Do not use the same source more than a total of 3 times within the whole document for
quoting or paraphrasing.
 Quotes must contain the section (if provided) and paragraph or page numbers of the quote
and this information must be placed in the reference.
 In all instances, use current APA guidelines for citations and references.

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