What are the positive and negative examples of social interaction in this case?

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Case 2 A: Efficiency & Productivity
Case 2A: Before you start the assignment, read the case carefully.
Marzena Glowacka is the nurse manager for floors 2 and 3 at The Vales, a retirement community with an integrated long term care facility. The building is located in south Etobicoke, and has been in operation for five years; it houses 260 residents. The Vales is a for-profit facility owned and operated by Revera, a Canadian corporation which, according to its website, is the “leading provider of seniors’ accommodation, care and services”.
Marzena manages a staff of 20 nurses, personal support workers, recreationists, and food service providers; the cleaning staff is managed by the Director of Facilities, Ben Craigey.
Mariflor Castillo works for Marzena as a recreationist for floor 3. Her job is to manage and run the recreation program for the residents on that floor, including daily activities like exercise, games, and speakers, as well as special events like monthly outings. Mariflor has a meeting with Marzena to bring her up to speed about the next six months of activities.
“Sorry I’m late, Marzena. I was just talking to Stephanie in HR and it took longer than I thought,” Mariflor says as she walks in – 10 minutes late – to Marzena’s office.
“Mariflor, before we talk about the next six months, can you tell me what happened at Sherway Gardens last week? I’ve had complaints from three residents and at least two family members…” Marzena says.
Mariflor glances down at the floor, before quickly looking back into Marzena’s eyes. “I’m not sure what you mean, Marzena. We had a great outing.”
“According to Mr. Reyes in 307B, and Mrs. McKay in 319A,” Marzena says, “you did not bring the usual snacks and water. Also, according to what some family members have been told, there were no required washroom breaks.”
“It’s true that I didn’t bring snacks this time, but that’s because I talked to the people on the list and suggested this one time they should bring money instead for snacks – Sherway has so many options for food…” Mariflor replies.
“Mariflor, I’m afraid it doesn’t matter if Sherway has food options. The ministry guidelines for outings stipulate that food and beverages are to be provided. You know this, don’t you?”
“I’m so sorry Marzena. I do know the guidelines, but I just thought we could change the way things get organized and planned this one time,” Mariflor says.
Marzena recognizes that what has happened requires her to give Mariflor a first verbal warning because her performance is substandard. However, she has so much else on her plate she decides this is not an important enough matter. She gives Mariflor another chance.
A few minutes later, Mariflor is standing in the hallway outside Ben Craigey’s office. Ben and Mariflor have been dating for three months.
“I can’t believe she’s going to believe the residents and families instead of me! I do a great job, and I don’t care if Marzena thinks so or not,” Mariflor says.
“Don’t worry. She’s not going to do anything about Sherway. She has to deal with family council this week,” Ben replies. “By next week she’ll be on to the next thing.”
“I mean, one outing is just like all the others,” Mariflor says. “Do they all have to be amazing and stick to every guideline?
Near the end of the workday, around 5 pm, Ben is in his office starting to go through the day’s email and voicemail. There’s one voicemail he wishes he could just delete – but of course he can’t. He plays it again.
“Mr. Craigey, this is Tim McKay. My mother is in 319A. I’ve left three voicemails over the past two weeks and you haven’t yet been in touch. The vinyl baseboards in my mother’s room have peeled off. The cleaners have swept away the vinyl, but this has left exposed rotting drywall and gigantic holes. Her room looks like a war zone and nothing’s being done about it. Please call me and let me know when you will be fixing the walls and baseboards…
“Screw off,” Ben says to the phone.
“… and as this is my third call about this,” McKay’s voice continues, “it’s fair to let you know I’ll be in touch with Mr. Cusimano the general manager, tomorrow morning; hopefully this will make a difference.”
Ben jabs at the button that erases the voice mail.
“Great. Now I have to stay late and do this myself so that Jeff Cusimano sees it’s been taken care of. Sucks to be me!” says Ben.
He pulls out his phone and texts Mariflor: “Gonna be late babe. Have to do a last-minute job. Be home by 7:30. XOBC.”
When you present Week 11, summarize your answers and present your video or role-play. Make sure all participating group members names are on the submission.
1. What are the positive and negative examples of social interaction in this case?

2. Which of the negative examples is most serious and why?
4. Research efficiency/productivity problems in today’s workplace, then answer these questions: What can you say in general about the state of employees’ work ethic in today’s world? How does work ethic relate to this case? How does it relate to psychology concepts we studied in class? Your response should integrate information from at least one library database source, as well as sources from the Internet.

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