What are the processes within your value stream?

Posted: July 18th, 2022

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The Professors question in reply to Discussion answer:
Thank you for the post. I appreciate the insight into your choice in the value stream consisting of staff training. Training is an often overlooked area that is ripe for improvement. What are the processes within your value stream?
Discussion Question Answer: Value stream mapping
For this discussion, I will choose the value stream segment involving staff training on the use of equipment and radar. After classroom training, members of the military are expected to learn other techniques that will boost their capacity to deliver effective services. The use of radar and equipment will help in detecting, tracking, recognizing, analyzing, and identifying objects (Oliver & Quegan, 2004). Additionally, radar can help forecast weather and direct artillery fires. Thus, this value stream mapping is crucial to enhancing the functionality of the DOD (Department of Defense)
The value stream process delivers numerous benefits to the organizations, especially in areas of operations and service delivery. By boosting the military’s capacity to use radar, it becomes possible to provide humanitarian services like fire and disaster management. Besides, the department’s capacity to respond to security threats is enhanced.
The key matrix used to assess the viability of the value stream is the improvement in quality delivery by the Department of Defense. The training of radar and equipment use is expected to boost the department’s capacity to detect and respond to various security threats. Therefore, to determine whether the goals of the training are achieved, improvement in the quality of services is an important metric. Reduction in lead time and the change in operational efficiency are other useful metrics (“Understanding the current state.”.
The value stream has numerous opportunities for improvement. Due to the emergence of new security threats as a result of digitalization and globalization, continued research to develop more sophisticated military equipment is inevitable. Thus, one of the opportunities arising from this value stream is the development of innovative solutions to security issues through research. Another improvement that I foresee in this value stream is the use of digital technology to boost the department’s capacity to use radar and other equipment. The mapping team members should help identify and evaluate these opportunities to guarantee maximum benefits to the organization. As Singh et al. (2011) posit, communication among team members of value stream mapping is essential in identifying opportunities created by the value stream.
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Value stream mapping: Understanding the current state. Coursework reading material.

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