What are the similarities and differences between the united states and these other countries?

Posted: November 8th, 2022

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This week’s discussion activity involves learning about another country’s support for its senior citizens and how it compares to the services available here in the United States. This issue is relevant for this chapter because a large element of retirement involves some kind of government-provided financial support for older adults.
First, select another country. It can be any nation, anywhere. Your book may mention some countries, either in this chapter or in other chapters, that you could choose from. Using the internet or other search strategies, find information about the government-sponsored programs and services that this country provides for its senior citizens. Possible programs and services include but aren’t limited to financial support, nutritional programs, health insurance, family leave time for caregivers, transportation services, health care, and activities for senior citizens.
Next, look for information about similar programs and services in the United States. Possible sources of information are:
Federal government programs for seniors
Your guide to public benefits
Programs for seniors
You may also want to try other search topics on more specific issues or in specific states within the U.S.
In your initial post, summarize your findings in your own words. Don’t forget to provide the source(s) of your information.
In your comments on your group members’ posts, expand on the information there. What are the similarities and differences between the United States and these other countries? Based on differences in available supports and services, how would you expect the life of a senior citizen in one of these other countries to be different from the life of a senior citizen in the United States?

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