What are their intellectual property laws?

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Given what you just read about Baidu: Social Media and Culture in China, Chapter 3 Page 60 to 63 …what are your thoughts on intellectual property and our U.S. position that China is stealing our ideas, technology. Now pick a different country – ideally it will be your country, but a lot will depend on how much info you can find. Make sure you pick a country others have not researched already if it is not your assigned country.  What are their intellectual property laws? How do they view this issue?  Do some research and share it in your post.  Do they view it as a deliberate attempt to steal? Is it “wrong” from their perspective? How does this play out culturally? Individualism vs. collectivist values.
Collectivistic mindset , and public interest approach to property rights, including intellectual property trumps property rights.  Copying others know-how is often acceptable. This is how China views it.
Reply to at least one other post.  The reply cannot be “I agree” or “Good Job” style.  You need to add value to the discussion with an in depth, critically evaluated reply.  Why do you agree or disagree with the original post?

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