What are they used for?

Posted: November 2nd, 2022

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Please find a picture of each of the following and label each one with the name of the camera, why it qualifies, what it uses (film, etc,) and what years it was manufactured and used.
A camera that can use something other than plastic film.
A camera with a fixed (unchangeable) shutter speed.
A camera with a fixed (unchangeable) aperture.
A camera that represents the “first” of something.
A camera manufactured somewhere other than the U.S.
A “commercial” (consumer-grade) camera from before 1950.
A Kodak Brownie. Why was this one significant?
A camera that uses film that isn’t on a roll. What type does it use?
A camera that was manufactured before 1905.
A historic photograph that’s NOT on paper.
A historic photograph that is on paper.
A camera with “bellows,”– and what are bellows? What are they used for?
A camera that was considered “instant” for its time period.
A camera that is larger than a breadbox.
A camera that fits in the palm of your hand.
The smallest camera there-
The largest camera there.
The camera that you feel would be the hardest to use.
The camera that looks the most interesting.
A flash-bulb, if you can find one.
The most decorative camera. What is it? When was it used?
A camera that was used during war-time.
A “press camera,” and tell me what that is.
The camera you’d most like to own/use.

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