What are your recommendations for the company?

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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Choose a current news event discussed in the media newspaper, magazine, tv or internet that focuses on aa marketing issue. This is worth 50 points.
– Briefly summarize the event in 1 paragraph.
– What issues does it raise?
– How does this event report to information in the textbook? Be very specific here. Make sure to bold   at least 4-5 key terms/concepts from the class in your answer. Actually quote from the book and use properly formatted intext citations.
– What is your viewpoint?
– What are your recommendations for the company?
– Why?
The following will be considered when factoring your grade for these :
– Content (following assignment guidelines, including all sections, providing detail)
– Writing Mechanics (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, apa formatting, etc.)
– Ability to incorporates class content (key terms and concepts) and demonstrates knowledge of class concepts in your writing. 
Academic Integrity
This should be written by you and I will use the originality checking feature of Turnitin.
Papers are to include your name, page numbers and be double-spaced. Use Times New Roman, 12 font. 
I am very interested in how well you support your ideas with outside material or material from the text. You must include properly formatted in text citations and a properly formatted APA reference page that documents the research you have done for this assignment. While there are no right or wrong answers, I am looking for a thoughtful discussion that is well written, creative and of a professional nature. If all you do is tell me your personal opinion, your grade will reflect poorly on your efforts. Lack of citations, improperly formatted citations, lack of a reference page and an improperly formatted reference page will result in loss of points. I am not kidding so please take this seriously . Here is a website that gives you more information on APA style.   

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