What aspects of the colonial cause do you think would support Paine’s claim?

Posted: January 16th, 2023

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In his 1776 essay Common Sense Thomas Paine argued that “the cause of America is in great measure the cause of all mankind” (Give Me Liberty!, 198). He even argued that the new nation would become “an asylum for mankind” (Give Me Liberty!, 201). In your essay, explain why Paine makes this case. Based on your reading of colonial society from your Foner textbook, do you agree with Paine’s assertions? What aspects of the colonial cause do you think would support Paine’s claim? What aspects would not?
Please address all the questions in this prompt for your essay. Your responses should be approximately 500 words (no more). Strive to make a clear and decisive argument in each essay by dividing it into three parts:
1. Exposition. Your first paragraph should describe the reading, and briefly explain what you have decided about the questions posed.
2. Development. The middle of your essay should explain your answer. It should offer details about the main arguments and content of the reading to support your claims. It should also offer background from Give Me Liberty!
3. Conclusion. Your last paragraph should recapitulate your argument, and add some final point that you think bolsters your perspective.
You can use phases like “in this essay I argue . . . ” or “I think that . . . ” or “in conclusion, I believe that . . . ”
Quote a little from the readings when you find some passage that illustrates your points. Use your Give Me Liberty! textbook to provide background, or to add additional quotes. When you quote, reference your quote at the end of the sentence like this:
(Give Me Liberty!, 375) or, for licensed (legal) online versions: (Give Me Liberty!, Kindle, Chapter 5) or (Give Me Liberty!, PDF, Chapter 5).
If you want to quote my lectures, just put the title in parenthesis, eg (Lasar, “Slavery and Freedom, Part II”). If you want to quote from elsewhere (not Wikipedia or similar), more or less the same, eg (The Bible, New International Version, Genesis 5:12) and then place the full reference at the end of your essay.
But please draw your material primarily from the textbook. And don’t over-quote. Use your own words.
Quotes from the text (ebook) I attached the name and author.

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