What can we learn from them?

Posted: November 19th, 2022

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Your Case Study should be no less than 12 pages, not including the title page and source page. Follow the outline below. It is due in MS Word or pdf via the Projects link on Blackboard by end-of-day Sunday, November 20th.
IMPORTANT : The essay is 12 pages but I just need you to complete 8 so I can get a good start
I . Title page
II. Abstract of Case Study
Brief overview of the situation.
III. Company Profile
Describe the brand’s products or services. Include information about the company’s history, their customers and products or services they offer.
IV. Business Situation
Identify the problems or challenges the brand faced and how they dealt with them. List the strategic business or competitive reasons that caused them to make the business decisions they did. Be as specific as possible, cite examples from the book and from your own analysis.
V. Branding Strategy
Based on the business situation the brand faced, describe their branding strategy. Specifically, what did they do as described in the book? What are they doing today? Update as much as possible. Contact the brand if necessary to learn more about what they are doing.
VI. Results
Describe the results of their branding efforts. What has worked? What hasn’t? Based on your research, can you suggest trends that the brand should be aware of? Any other branding ideas you have for them?
VII. Key Takeaways
Based on the book and your own analysis, what are some key concepts for branding success that you see? What can we learn from them?
VIII. References
Your work will be scored based on the following criteria for a maximum score of 75 points.
____ CONTENT (What you say)
____ ORGANIZATION (How you say it)
____ STYLE (The way you say it. Attention to detail.)
____ SUPPORT (Use of Outside sources)

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