What did they find?

Posted: November 22nd, 2022

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Topic: children 5-12 years old, south u.s. at risk for neglect and abuse
The following guidelines should be followed:
The article must come from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.
The article must have been published no longer than 10 years ago. The newer, the better; however, some topics are not frequently examined so older is acceptable.
500 words
Must include the following sections in order:
APA-style (7th ed.) citation for the article. Be sure your citation is correct, and know that the one used in the actual article may not be the right format.
Description of the article: What were the specific research questions? State them as written.
How did researchers go about finding answers? Describe the specific methods used, including participant selection and analysis.
What did they find? Summarize the results for each research question.
What were their conclusions? How might this research inform human services practice in the “real world.”
Think critically about this research: What were the problems with this research, if any? (you can examine the “Limitations” section for ideas) How might you use this information in your own professional work with people? What this study and/or topic good? Why?

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