What did you learn about development in each domain?

Posted: July 2nd, 2022

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The paper you write will connect your experiences with the child video observation to what you have learned about child development. The purpose of this type of assignment is to engage you in thinking critically and reflectively about what you have read, experienced, and observed, and then apply what you have learned in an academic and scholarly manner.
Once you have completed your video observation, you will write about how what you saw is similar or different to what you have learned about development for the age of the child you observed. (Remember, infants are not working on the same developmental tasks as 3 to 4-year-old children!) Your goal is to make specific connections to development you have learned in your lessons—weaving what you saw with the developmental information. Your paper should include a total of 12 references to developmental milestones(4 for each developmental domain: physical, cognitive, and psychosocial), including definitions. Write approximately 4 paragraphs (4 concepts) for each developmental domain with connections from observation to developmental milestones. You may use a direct quotation or summarize what you read in the lessons. Regardless, both must be cited.
For example:
He put his hand into the water. Once he touched it, he took his hand out quickly and shook it. Child X experienced sensation. Sensation is “the response of a sensory system (eyes, ears, skin, tongue, nose) when it detects a stimulus” (Berger, p.222 para 5).
The Whole Child
Summarize your learning about development in your final section. What did you learn about development in each domain? You may use your own words to describe the child and give an opinion or evaluation of skills, abilities, etc. Give an overall impression with specific things that occurred to back up your impression. When comparing to the rest of the group and typical development, was this child average, above average, or below average? You might also include information on what this assignment did for your perception of young children. What did it feel like to be a “scientific” observer? Did you feel like you wanted to get more “personal” with these children, or did it feel okay to be away from the involvement?
– Select one child in the video to observe.
– When you begin your video observation your first goal is to pay attention to the setting.
– What is your first opinion of what you see – does it meet the needs of the child or not?
– Is the area geared toward children (furniture, sinks, etc.) or is all of this for adults only (i.e., is it age appropriate)?
– How is the room arranged – does it appear logical and safe for children to play and explore?
– Describe the room as if your eyes were your camera.
Also, please take note of how responsive the caregivers are.
– What is the ratio of children to caregivers?
– Next give a description of the child you observed including his/her approximate age.
– Describe what he/she is doing when you arrive.
-Your next goal will be to record the activities of the child you observe in the video.
– Take note of everything the child is doing.
– What activities he/she is engaging in, words (sounds/nonverbal communication) he/she is using.
-Record all the activities. Don’t judge whether you think it is important or not, just document what you see. Even subtle behaviors can be important in understanding young children.
– You should come away with several pages of raw data.

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