What do you need to know about families and family systems?

Posted: December 3rd, 2022

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Step 1: Review Course Material
Review the content on intentional teaching as a process.
Step 2: Use the outline below as a guide to the Intentional Teaching Framework
What do you need to know about families and family systems?
What strategies do you know about, or what strategies did you learn about this week that you would like to implement?
When might you need to gather additional information about children’s contexts, culture, and family systems?
What might be helpful for you to see as far as strategies, and ways to engage families?
How can you plan to work effectively with families, or use information about family/home/community to plan for classroom practice?
Set goals:
Write one long-term goal related to family engagement/communication.
Write one short-term goal you will address now.
Align these goals to the:https://www.naeyc.org/accreditation/higher-ed/standards/summary
Make a plan:
Write a specific plan for improving practice (and reaching your goals).
Make a note of any challenges you anticipate and how you plan to address them.
Indicate how often or how long you will implement your plan.
Indicate what changes you expect to see as a result of your plan.
How might reflecting on and using information about children’s lives outside of school support behavior or learning approaches in the classroom?

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