What do you think of the speeches and how to effectively communicate with an audience?

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Take a look of the speeches below. What do you think of the speeches and how to effectively communicate with an audience? What are the best ways to introduce yourself? What do you think of the techniques given?
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Comments : 
1- Effective communication in front of an audience entails a confident and upbeat delivery to ensure that your message is received well.
Speak up so others can easily hear you, especially in group situations, Make your message as concise as possible; wordiness is not needed or wanted, Use language in the best way possible to make your points. Talk with your hands and use them to emphasize your key points. Be direct and honest with people as a consistent practice. Provide steady eye contact with your listeners to engage their attention when you talk. Maintain an alert body posture when you speak to put life behind your message. Pause to gather your thoughts so you avoid extraneous sounds, such as “um” that clutter your message. Focus on getting solutions when you talk about problems. Knowing the needs of one’s audience is one of the most essential and significant steps a speaker can take before giving a speech. Effective public speakers are aware of their audience’s reactions to their message, which does not imply that every speaker can grant every audience member’s wish. Every speech you give, whether it’s to enlighten, inspire, or amuse, should take into account the preferences and interests of the audience. This chapter will look at the benefits of researching your audience as well as the best practices for doing so.
2-  When I see these videos I think of these speeches in a very good and understanding way since when I see the video it shows me that we can do it without any kind of problem when we begin to practice it in such a patient understanding way and from the bottom of our hearts expressing it right towards our audience. Since the most effective way to communicate with the audience is to allow ourselves to just be us because we really don’t know if any of those people are really that into or into it then I just gained a friend so it doesn’t matter what I earn because they can also gain an extraordinary experience, but the way is not how we present ourselves since it is complicated if it is not something that we transmit that only we can find out but what we know is that an example helps us to inspire us. One of the best ways to introduce ourselves has several secrets, such as, for example, that it has to do with the words that even that they are the best in the world they only play and communicate a 7 percent impact on the human being, especially as the tone of voice, the enthusiasm, the love, the passion that we send through our voice, 38%, in their body language, or looking into the eyes of the audience. Words, tone of voice and body language, those are the three vehicles, and the three ways in which excellent communication occurs. What comes out of not knowing what public speaking really is and we don’t know its true definition since this is simply nothing more than having a conversation from the heart about something that we are passionate about. Another of this is that we have five parts of our brain, that is, five. senses that are different since it is sight, hearing, smell, touch and touch that translate the language of real different communication. Two of them will not be very good since it will be average no matter who is going to shake the world because they are will give each person in that aud Ience with what they can connect. Seeing all these techniques I realize how much I can improve following my ways of being myself that no matter where when and how if it is from the bottom of my heart either with a joke or a comment can make the people who are in front of me see it in a real way and how it is.

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