What drew you to these poems?

Posted: November 11th, 2022

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part 1
Describe your (tentative) plan for Writing Project #3. What two poems do you plan to analyze? What drew you to these poems? What two elements (one per poem) do you plan to analyze? Why did you pick these specific elements for these poems?
Then reply to two of your classmates.
150-200 words
part 2
Writing Project #3.
Compose 2 short essays on 2 different poems (only choose poems on the syllabus): 1 poem per essay. Each essay should focus on a single poetic element: persona, tone, imagery, symbolism, an aspect of poetic language, or an aspect of poetic form. In the essays, discuss how these various elements relate to the overall meaning/theme of the respective poem. You must choose two different elements to analyze. Do not use any outside research for this assignment. Evaluation:
Remember; do not simply summarize the poems; doing so will lead to a failing grade
Each essay should be between 400-600 words. The paper should be in standard MLA format. Place both essays one file.
The poems:
“Those Winter Sundays”
“Dog’s Death” 508
“Introduction to Poetry”
“Poetry Should Ride the Bus”
“The Big Question”
“Facing It”
“The Supremes”
“Hazel Tells LaVerne”
“America” “Meditation on Beauty” “Optimism”
“The Peace of Wild Things
“Dead Armadillos” “Turtle” “I, Too”
“Harlem”“The Socks”
“Text Message”
“Guilt, Desire, and Love”
“Richard Cory”
“The Ice-Cream Truck”
“The Hand That Signed The Paper”

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