What ethnic/cultural considerations seem particularly relevant, if any?

Posted: September 16th, 2022

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Audrey- Audrey (age 10) lives with her foster mother (Ms. Gomez) and four other non-kin foster children. Audrey was removed from her mother’s care when she was eight years old and placed in a temporary foster home. The primary reason for her removal was neglect. A year ago, she entered Ms. Gomez’s care. Audrey has weekly phone contact and spends every other weekend with her biological mother. She has no contact with her biological father. Nor does she have contact with her five biological siblings who live in various foster homes throughout the county. When asked who she considers part of her family, Audrey identified her biological mother, her five biological siblings, Ms. Gomez, and her four foster siblings. Audrey reported that even though she is the newest member of Ms. Gomez’s home, she feels welcomed and comfortable. At the same time, Audrey hopes and expects to live with her biological mother and siblings in the future. When asked if she thinks things would be different if she returned to live with her biological mother, Audrey replied, “Yes, because my daddy won’t be there anymore and won’t be mean to my mom.” She also said, “I will never complain again about my daddy or anyone else, and then I won’t have to worry about the social worker taking me away.” Questions: What are the positive aspects of Audrey’s experience? What are your concerns? How would you address your concerns? What services or community resources would improve the quality of Audrey’s experience? What ethnic/cultural considerations seem particularly relevant, if any? What are some concrete ways that you could support Audrey?

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