What influenced the entrepreneur to identify and pursue this opportunity?

Posted: September 16th, 2022

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Interview an entrepreneur in an industry or business that interests you and use the questions to learn from their experiences. Focus on how and why this entrepreneur started their business. Fair Warning: Simply writing the answers to the entrepreneur’s response to the questions will get you a C, if you are lucky. Doing so is NOT entrepreneurial! Think outside the box, BE ENTREPRENUERIAL in your approach to ALL your work in this class.
a. Contact information: The entrepreneur’s name, address, title, company name, and phone number
b. Personal Background
c. Work Background
d. How did you find this person and why did you choose her or him?
e. Why is this person an entrepreneur?
f. What influenced the entrepreneur to identify and pursue this opportunity?
g. How did the entrepreneur’s background (family history, prior education, and work experience) affect the opportunity discovered?
h. Describe the opportunity that the entrepreneur decided to pursue and the process the entrepreneur used to evaluate the opportunity.
i. How did the entrepreneur evaluate the opportunity?
j. What criteria did the entrepreneur use to decide whether to pursue the opportunity?
k. What were the perceived risks of this opportunity and how did the entrepreneur expect to manage them?
l. What did the entrepreneur do to turn the opportunity into a business?
m. Identify specific activities the entrepreneur undertook to develop the opportunity into a business.
n. Identify when the entrepreneur did these activities (provide dates: month and year).
o. Identify important contacts and individuals who were helpful during the startup process.
p. What major problems did the entrepreneur encounter along the way?
q. How were these problems solved?
r. What advice would the entrepreneur give to someone thinking about pursuing an opportunity?
s. Why was this entrepreneur successful?

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