What intramural or club sport would you add to the lineup of offerings?

Posted: November 5th, 2022

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Each student will be responsible for participating in discussion boards every
two weeks. In addition to composing their own original response to the Discussion Board question, students will
also be required to provide responses to a minimum of two classmates. These responses should be thorough and
thoughtful, not simply “I agree with your comments” or “Nice work!”
We just completed studying Campus Recreation… CONGRATS! You’ve been hired as the new Director of Campus Rec here! What intramural or club sport would you add to the lineup of offerings? Explain and reinforce your answer: Take into account current offerings, available facilities, startup costs, liability, interest, and ability to recruit participants from the student body.
1st, please write the response to the main discussion board requirement and then reply to the 2 students Which I will Sharing Their response with you. I chose to write about the Padel sport because we have many tennis field History of Padel – Padel Academy (archive.org)
Student number one
If I were to be the Director of Campus Recreation, I would add a rare sport that many do not typically have the opportunity to play. I would add PickleBall which is a sport that is picking up steam with many famous athletes such as Tom Brady endorsing the activity. Most offerings at this collegeare basketball, indoor volleyball, and beach volleyball. I think PickleBall would add another element to our intramural sports. this college possesses the necessary facilities to add this sport as well because there are tennis courts at various locations. I do not believe start up costs would be very immense. I believe the only costs would be the paddles in which players would use and the ball. These are two basic necessities to play the sport. Liability is also at a minimum because PickleBall is not a contact sport. Injuries could occur if the playing area is not suitable for a game. Non-contact injuries could occur which would be a liability such as a sprained ankle or torn ligaments in the knee. Interest in the sport is apparent on campus. Multiple times I have personally walked by the tennis courts where there were numerous games of PickleBall being played. It is apparent that students prefer to play this in their free time rather than playing any other sport. Recruiting efforts would be simple as well. The students already playing the sport would most likely join as well as many other athletes that are out of their respective seasons. It is a fun, but intense sport that takes the impact off of the athletes bodies for the most past. To recruit, I would post an article on the BUZZ which would potentially catch the eyes of students. I would also request Guilford College Instagram accounts to post an ad asking interested students to sign-up.
Overall, I believe adding PickleBall to the list of intramural sports would be a great thing for the College community. PickleBall is a fun and entertaining sport to be a part of. The sport also has a relatively low risk compared to that of football and basketball.
Student number two
Being that I was just hired as the new Director of Campus Rec here at the college, I’d implement several different intramural and club sports that everyone could participate in. This would give students a chance who aren’t fit for the real deal school sport teams, to actually have fun and play as a team. Knowing the facilities on campus I would create a intramural basketball league for men and women for no cost. The only thing I would have that’s a must would be everyone participating sign a health and safety waiver form. Other sports that I would consider having would be soccer, women flag football, corn hole tournaments , and kickball. Each of these sports would be unisex, allowing a mixture of each gender. If agreed on before that specific sport begins, men and women would be allowed to play together. Configuring the actual sports teams schedules these games would more than likely be planned around their schedules and at night to stay out the way of the actual school teams preparation. Sign ups for the leagues would be sent out via email to each student on campus. To make it easier each RA from each campus living housing would be asked to include each of the students in their buildings to be included in the email.
History of Padel – Padel Academy (archive.org)

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