What is comparative criminal justice?

Posted: July 15th, 2022

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Part 1 250 words
What is comparative criminal justice? Why do comparative criminologist look at crime as a social phenomenon? Is it important to study countries outside of our own? Why or why not?
What is the relationship between comparative social justice and transnational crime? Why should criminologists care about transnational crime?
Part 2
Find at least two resources to share that discuss the benefits of having an international perspective on criminal justice. These resources can be citations from your textbook, videos, or outside resources that you can share. In addition, provide at least one source that provides a counterargument to your examples.
After everyone has posted their stance, go back and rate your classmates. Rate the post in D2L with 5 stars that pushed your thinking or gave you an Ah Ha! Moment! Explain how their post pushed your thinking or made you consider something that you hadn’t thought about before.
Don’t forget to look at the rules for discussion requirements!
Part 2 250 words
Each group has been assigned a crime. First, in your groups you will create a table where you define three different cultures. (Look for the example in the Activity)
In the second column, you will list the group’s crime. Each group should pick from one of the following crimes or chose a crime that isn’t listed
In the last column, each group member should explain how that specific culture looks at that transnational crime. The explanation should be at least one paragraph and should include specific citations and evidence. The example shows you a preview but isn’t complete.
Pair: Each individual will come back and share how their culture views the assigned crime. Every member of the group will input their findings into one table.
Share: Each group will share their table and answer the question of how actual knowledge of legal foundations may impact transnational crime.
Go in and read and respond to a group‘s table, identifying new information that stuck out to you. Relate your new knowledge to what you learned while composing your group’s table.
Meaningful comments require analysis on your part. They should add value and engage your classmates. For example, share some information about how the content posted is the same or different from what you have seen or experienced or pose questions that further and deepen the discussions. You can bring in new examples or challenge the classmate to further one’s thinking or position. Statements like, “I agree” or “That is a good point” do not demonstrate thinking and analysis and are not considered “meaningful comments.”
If your thinking is well developed and meaningful, it does not necessarily mean your post has to be long. If you do the minimum requirement, it doesn’t mean that you will get full credit. You will be graded on the quality and also quantity of your insights and participation.

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