What is the effect or purpose of doing so?

Posted: November 7th, 2022

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TOPIC: Compare and contrast Joan and Gret’s monologues from Act 1, Scene 1 of Top Girls: why has Churchill juxtaposed these two very different speeches? What is the effect or purpose of doing so? Instructions: MLA STYLE FORMAT 1) Text presentations should follow general essay format: introduction with a thesis and main presentation points, body paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion. • Please embed your essay directly into the discussion board posting. You can type directly into the text box or you can copy-paste your essay from an outside word processer. • Text presentations must be between 500-800 words, excluding the Works Cited list. • All images and quotations must be listed in a Works Cited list. Note: The text presentation of 500-800 words is due on Nov 21. 2) After posting, you will need to respond to at least two peer questions/reply (150-250 words per reply). Note: The two peer question/reply will be uploaded in between Nov 22-25, and will be due on Nov 26. So the payment will not be released after the two peer questions.

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