What is the government’s role in healthcare?

Posted: September 16th, 2022

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 In the United States, a significant number of the current population is uninsured. Reducing that number is critical to maintaining a healthy population. The federal government plays a large role in healthcare and sets the standards, regulations, and policies. In most industries, market-based competition is the primary incentive for sellers to maximize the quality of their product or service and to limit the cost. This is true to a much more limited degree in healthcare.
In the discussion topic, consider the following:
· What is the government’s role in healthcare? How does the government impact healthcare organizations?
· How does health insurance impact healthcare delivery?
· How can we reduce the number of uninsured people while maximizing quality and access and minimizing costs?
Support your answer with relevant resources.
Book Chapter 9: https://ng.cengage.com/static/nb/ui/evo/index.html?deploymentId=5856032353502008933102477168&eISBN=9781337553711&id=1536563809&snapshotId=3026090&

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