What is the HSIE?

Posted: September 9th, 2022

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Drawing upon resource material provided PLEASE UTLIZE SOME SOURCES FROM WEEK 6 AND WHATEVER YOU SEE FIT. and that discovered while conducting your own research, answer the following in a research paper of at least 5 full pages (but no more than 7 pages):
What are the capabilities and limitations of domestic intelligence efforts in supporting the homeland security enterprise?
Regarding such capabilities, do you feel that the U.S. is appropriately structured and resourced to adequately provide timely, accurate, and actionable domestic intelligence to the degree needed to identify and address future challenges.
This paper should provide an examination of the various elements that comprise U.S. domestic intelligence efforts (from local law enforcement and other community/regional assets to national intelligence agencies) and how those entities contribute to supporting the homeland security enterprise by protecting American citizens in a collaborative manner. In crafting your paper, it would be beneficial to recall the lessons learned from the 9/11 attacks and proposals put forth by the 9/11 Commission concerning the lack sharing needed information and intelligence.
Make sure you read the instructions carefully and that you focus your paper on answering the assigned questions. This assignment is a research paper, not an opinion paper, so you need to use scholarly sources to support your thesis (see this library article How do I write a good thesis statement). Use formal academic writing and do not use the first person such as ‘I’ or ‘my’; see this site on academic writing style (scholarly voice). Make sure you use APA style 7th edition in-text parenthetical citations at the end of every sentence where you are quoting another’s ideas (or any information) that is not your own thoughts and words, like this (Bergen, 2015, para. 14). Citations are required for paraphrases as well, but not the page or paragraph number in that case. I highly recommend you use the APUS writing guide which can be found in the university library or at this link: APUS Research Writing and Style Guide. You are welcome to use supplementary sources to compliment the assigned readings based upon your research, but make sure you use only scholarly and credible sources (do not use open websites and you never want to use wikipedia for a college level paper). Also, dictionaries and encyclopedias as well as general news sites (like CNN) are NOT appropriate for college level research papers. A good example of what NOT to use is NSA.Gov1.info — not only is it not the NSA webpage, the site loaded with bogus information and if you scroll down to the bottom it says “This is a parody of nsa.gov and has not been approved, endorsed, or authorized by the National Security Agency or by any other U.S. Government agency.” Also, do not cite the weekly lessons as those are only basic information to start off the topic with. You need to use mainly scholarly and reputable academic books and journal articles. Refer to the guide provided to you at this link titled Dr Gardners Toolbox of Top Research and Writing Tips that includes a section on “How to find scholarly research sources for HLSS Courses.” Also, see the APUS Library Homeland Security Program Guide for good sources, as well as the APUS Research Primer and the APUS Library Research FAQs. For formatting, the best option is to use the attached example paper as a template (for formatting purposes only). I also recommend you use the this Dr Gardner Toolbox with writing tips already mentioned when crafting your paper, especially the section on How to write an effective college level research paper for HLSS Courses.
– Make sure your paper content meets the minimum acceptable length listed above with FULL pages of text, not including the Title or Reference pages.
– Written according to the APA 7th edition style and format (parenthetical in-text citation formats only; not end notes or footnotes);
– Use Times New Roman 12 point font;
– 1 inch margins on all sides with no paragraph indentation other than the first line by .5 inches
– Double space all text (no extra lines or spaces after a paragraph or section headings and no added font sizes or lines either)
– A respectable number of credible resources used, cited in the paper as in-text citations, and included on the reference page. A good rule of thumb is at least 2 scholarly sources per page of content (so a minimum of 2 new scholarly sources per page in a research paper is acceptable for this assignment). Use those academic and credible sources provided to you throughout the course, as well as other scholarly material obtained from conducting your own research. Freely utilize appropriate and reputable academic sources, summarize in your own words and cite accordingly. You are free to use material from your own forum posts from this course in your paper, and you do not have to cite yourself if you do so. However, do not cite the lessons in your paper as this is only basic information and not meant to be cited in a research paper.
– The paper must be free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors (make sure to proof read before submission)
Posner, R. A. and Kayyem, J. (2006, November 17). Does the United States Need a Domestic Intelligence Agency? The Council on Foreign Relations. http://www.freeworldfilmworks.com/abbro-homespies2.htm
Gardner, J.V. (2020, January). Intelligence Fusion Centers for Homeland Security. (eBook). DOI 10.20850/9781534299238; ISBN 978-1-5342-9923-8; Glasstree Academic Publishing. (Pages 1-45). https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338334164_Intelligence_Fusion_Centers_for_Homeland_Security or alternatively at https://glasstree.com/shop/catalog/intelligence-fusion-centers-for-homeland-security_1243/
DeVine, M. E. (2019 February 1). The U.S. Intelligence Community: Homeland Security Issues in the 116th Congress. The Congressional Research Service. https://fas.org/sgp/crs/intel/IN11031.pdf
Randol, M. A. (2009). Homeland Security Intelligence: Perceptions, Statutory Definitions and Approaches. Congressional Research Service. https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/intel/RL33616.pdf
Ritchey, D. (2014, August 1). The Future of DHS Partnerships with Frank Taylor. Security magazine. http://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/85671-the-future-of-dhs-partnerships-with-frank-taylor
Tromblay, D. E. (2019). Spying: Assessing US Domestic Intelligence Since 9/11. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder CO.
What is the HSIE? (Homeland Security Intelligence Enterprise). (2018) All Hazards Intelligence. https://allhazardsintel.com/what-is-the-hsie%3F

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