What is the impact of COVID-19 pandemic concern on digital marketing efforts of retail companies

Posted: July 15th, 2022

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The research question of my thesis is: ‘What is the impact of COVID-19 pandemic concern on digital marketing efforts of retail companies and does firm size have a moderating effect on this relationship?’ . My independent variable is COVID-19 concern, which refers to the level of concern of retail companies in the Netherlands about the impact of the pandemic on their company. The dependent variable is digital marketing and the moderator is firm size.
I handed in my thesis last week and I got a 4,5 because I made a mistake in my survey by only asking about the IV. My whole subject and research question were different then, and my supervisor said that the relevance was lost. He said that my new research question could be relevant, if I accurately explain why it is relevant. I have to be really clear about in which period I measure the concern and digital marketing (during the pandemic). I added my survey questions to the document so that you can see what I mean by this.
My question to you is if you could:
-Write the last 3 sections of my introduction. Here I have to discuss what is already researched about the topic in existing literature, what has not been researched yet and which ‘gap’ I found in existing literature so that my research contributes to it. You can ignore the text there, that was about my previous topic. I left it there so you can see how many words it approximately has to have.
-Add ‘firm size’ to the introduction, nothing is said yet about the potential moderating effect of firm size. This still has to be incorporated in the introduction.
-Extend my literature review, now it has around 1272 words but it has to be around 2000. There are a few things that I would like to be added: 1) in the first part about retail companies and firm size, I make a transition to firm size but I do not really like that part, maybe it can be rewritten/ be improved 2) prolonging the digital marketing part and 3) in the COVID-19 part, it has to be really clear that I measure concern and digital marketing within the period that restrictive measures were in place in the Netherlands. Somewhere in this section these dates have to be clarified.
Overall: it is really important that the relevance of my researched is explained/ argued very clearly. And also that nothing remains vague about the period when it was measured and what the research contributes to existing literature.
I added my conceptual framework, hypotheses and survey questions to make it more clear for you! Thank you very much already 🙂

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