What is your education?

Posted: November 18th, 2022

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Interview an advanced practice nurse who has been in practice for at least one year.
Consider these sample questions as a guide:
What is your education? CRNP
How did you decide to be an APN? Due to my passion
for patient care, I decided to pursue an APN degree to provide patient-centered care better and
felt will allow me to contribute more to the nursing profession and the healthcare field of geriatrics population.
Where did you go to school? Alabama state University
How did you find your present job? Online searching
What did you do to market yourself as a CRNP
Describe your current practice. What is your job description? job description revolves around direct patient care,
diagnosis, and treatments. How did you negotiate salary and benefits? During the interview section, I negotiate salary, hours and benefits during the hire and discusses the company’s terms and conditions based on to my years of experience.
Describe your typical day, the type of patients that you treat (Geriatric Population), and the average number of patients you see daily. (at least 10 patient/day)
Describe the setting where you work? Private practice clinic
How do you fit into the organizational structure?
How is your work evaluated?
Describe how you function using the APN core competencies: direct care, consultation, collaboration, research skills, clinical and professional leadership, expert coaching and advice (teaching), and ethical decision-making.
Describe how you use conflict management.
Describe how you use cultural competency within their practice.
What are your greatest challenges?
What are some legal or ethical issues confronting you?
Create a 15-slide powepoint presentation describing your interview including highlights from your conversation. Include your interviewee’s personal history (Dr. P was a registered nurse with BSN degree holder for 2yrs, worked in the Nursing home and Rehabilitation center, and then studies to get her DNP degree)
current practice, APN role competencies, and professional issues. Start with their initials and title, type of practice, and date of interview (11/17/22).

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